Cloudskipper 2.0

Easy-to-use music player for Android


Find and play your music… fast.


Swipe-based library navigation

Navigate naturally and easily around your library by swiping through a natural hierarchy.

Persistent mini-player

Control playback without switching screens. Just tap the mini-player to jump to the full screen player.

Advanced music player.


Presentation view

The main audio player screen offers lots of option sliders and buttons. But if you’re not using them, they fade out of the way for a clean, simple presentation of what’s important: what you’re playing right now.

EQ, virtualizer, reverb & bass boost

Make it bump, make it crisp, make it sound the way you want. Cloudskipper includes several EQ presets for every style of music. Or make & save your own presets.



Lock screen controls

On-screen volume, playback controls, album art, music info, and playlist count on the lock screen.

Lock screen shortcuts

We know there’s more to your Android device than music, so why tie up the lock screen with a single use? Not only did we cover essentials like time, date, unlock, & ringer toggle, we also added a camera short-cut and flashlight!

Home screen player widgets

Multiple sizes of home screen player widgets: 1×1, 2×1, 4×1, 4×2, and 4×4.