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  1. Sort by genre would be nice and should be super easy to do…

  2. Marvin Freeman

    Cloudskipper is lovely and it has become my default player. Still, I would really like a Queue playlist built in. I know I can create new lists, but that requires extra steps. I rather like the WinAmp choice of long press and then enqueue. Just seems easier.

  3. When r you guys going to add crossfade to the app i would love to have that feature. Please i have been looking for an app that has everything you guys had to offer.

    Keep up the good work

  4. How can I create and add playlist to your player I have no clue about that feature


    How can I keep the songs on my set lists in the same order that is in my iTunes?

  6. Larry Singer

    Really disappointed that equaliser will only be for 2.3 and up. I’m running 2.1 & probably won’t upgrade. Might need to uninstall.

  7. Aman Trivedi

    Thanks for making such nice music player…
    Really very excited after looking at upcoming features…

    Having a very small issue with my device named “Spice Mi-300” which is a Commtiva Z71 varriant, currently running latest stable CyanogenMod (Version: CyanogenMod-7.0.3-Z71). The problem is that cloudskipper lockscreen comes after defaul lockscreen, sometimes it takes long time to come after default lockscreen. So can you guys please disable the default lockscreen and also add battery percentage.

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