Dayframe Prime

Dayframe Prime

More ways to play


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Playlists for all occasions


Custom playlists

Create and arrange playlists with as many photostreams you want for any occasion: mornings, evenings, work, and parties.

Special occasions

To get you started, Dayframe includes pre-made playlists for Facebook Family Photos and Instagram Party Pics.

Advanced Timers


Screensaver timer

Now you can set your screensaver to play specific days of the week.

Brightness timer

Automate your screen brightness for days, evenings, and night.

App timer

Dayframe can automatically launch apps on schedule – great for stand-alone devices!


Powerful new features

Dayframe Prime takes it to the next level with Chromecast slideshows, custom playlists, advanced timers, device sync (coming soon), and even local weather.

For power users

The new features make it even easier to automate and customize your new photo frame for the best experiences at the right time.

More Features

Shuffle Play

Mix it up!

Shuffle individual photostreams or entire playlists.

Device Sync

Automatically sync playlists, sources, and photostreams between all of your devices.

(coming soon)

Current Weather

Get current local weather conditions in your slideshow via WeatherBug, Accuweather, and Weather Underground

Dayframe Prime

The best Android photo frame ever

Once you get how Dayframe works, it’s easy to see how Prime features make it even better.



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