Introducing HD Widgets 3.0

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  1. add switches
    lock Screen
    flashing mode
    and the weather is not every day but on the whole day through 6:00

  2. I’m using the HD widgets app. unfortunaly I couldn’t found the setting to use the multi-location function. I just have 1 city and I want to add some more.
    How could I add more locations?


  3. I have a problem with the Beta Version my 3G or 4G is going down at night, When i remove the app from my HTC Sensation, 3G or 4G works fine. Please Fix it. I need my Mobile Data at night. But in the moment i cant use HD Widgets thats not funny.

  4. Switches are not being displayed on home screen after being selected. Weather toggles are displayed instead.

  5. Any chance we will be able to control weather font colors in future updates? It would be great if we could change them from the dark greyish color to maybe white or black? I know it’s probably more work than it’s worth, but it would be a nice addition to the customization! Love the app guys, keep up the great work!

  6. Robert Reply

    Android 3.2 on Toshiba AT100.

    Widgets work great but there are a lot of messages saying that the app has crashed when using in app menus. Attempting to send feedback from inside app causes a crash every time – as one example. App seems unable to acccess GPS and can never find my location. Manually address locations work and other appss have no problems with getting a location from the GPS.

    Nice update otherwise.

    1. radley Reply

      We fixed most of those by 3.0.4. Let us know if there’s more.

  7. I enjoy your hd widgets app, but notices 3.0 added permissions to read user contact data and discovers known accounts. I can’t see any reason this app needs access to that information, can you explain please?

    1. radley Reply

      We did that so we could put your name on your custom switches (i.e. “Radley’s Switches”).

      Right now we’re using:


      based on:


      Not sure if we’re using both. I tried one but Divyesh actually finished the piece. I’ll check. If we don’t need both I’ll turn the other off.

      1. Is it realy neccesary to implement this minor feature To show a username and use this permissions.

        Users would reater loose this feature and have fewer permissions especialy such high risk permissions.

        A free input field in preferences would bei enough to show a Name on a widget.

        1. radley Reply

          I care what it is, I care what it looks like, but I don’t care what others might think it looks like.

          If you have a sincere problem with it that’s valid and we’ll do a refund. No problem – just email us.

  8. After updating to the beta I can’t see weather anymore. I’m using galaxy s2 with ICS.

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  10. I have been using HD Widgets a long time on both my phone and Samsung Galaxy 7 Plus. However, since i have downloaded 3.0 it will not let me place a 6×1 (7 inch tablet) widget on the screen of my Galaxy 7 plus. It says it was successful but when I go to the screen it says “Problem Loading Widget”.


    1. radley Reply

      Are you using the native launcher or a custom one?
      Please reply using the Feedback button – much easier to debug that way.

      1. I am at work right now and don’t have access to my Samsung Tablet 7 Plus but I am using the native launcher or whatever it is called that comes with the Samsung tablet. It is on Honeycomb since they have not updated it yet.

        1. radley Reply

          If you can, ping us via email (hi at I’m not sure how Tablet 7 Plus is different than Tab 7 (which we’re testing on).

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