Permissions used in HD Widgets

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  2. Francois M. Reply

    Uninstalled. Reaading contact is pointless for such a minor function. Seems bad justification

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  4. @D I too have a nexus 7 and I have the save button in the upper right hand corner. Here is a screenshot Keep in mind the save button only shows up when you 1st create a widget. When you edit an active widget all you need to do is hit the back arrow and it automatically saves.

  5. Uh No. The guide is useless. There is no save button in the home screen on the Nexus 7. I even tried switching to Tablet UI in case it’s hidden, restarted twice and reinstalled twice. And searching the grand ol’ internet, there are dozens of people with this problem. It seems that the developer did not test their app before sending it out into the wild.

    Perhaps the developer needs to create a youtube video as their guide is literally worthless?

    It’s think of **** that makes people go back to Apple’s ecosystem. Total Android fragmentation causing total application failures by developers who either can’t or won’t test their products.

  6. Perhaps a YouTube video? Because the guide is next to useless in explaining how to save a widget. I’d like my money back now please.

  7. Dougie Connor Reply

    Just bought Nexus 7 installed widgets and all I get is the user guide. When I have managed to setup say the clock there is no save button.

    1. radley Reply

      Please follow the user guide. It explains how to install widgets.

      (Short answer: you don’t do it in the app, you do it from your home screen).

  8. Ondrej Reply

    Remove contacts permissions and personalized feature. You do not have privacy policy in Google Play, so I do not want to update.

  9. radley Reply

    I’m trying to think how to respond without getting into a flame war.

    We’re happy to have your comments. They’re a bit one-sided but that makes sense: this particular topic is destined to elicit response from those who strongly object.

    A couple of commenters simply don’t seem to understand permissions. I’ll leave you alone.

    For the rest:

    Contact/profile permissions are the “fear du jour” right now thanks to abuse from the big social networks. I get that it’s a concern, but I don’t agree on reacting in such a way that I have to hold back useful stuff.

    In our first draft of switch rows, the default was “Custom Switches 1″. I said that wasn’t good enough – it has to have the user’s name. It just felt right.

    There was an internal debate but we agreed in the end. We simply can’t afford to let people who are afraid we might do something wrong prevent us from making something better and more personal for people who actually believe in us. We’d be working for the wrong people.

    So thanks for your input. Ping us if you need a refund. We like Fancy Widgets & Beautiful Widgets. And Extended Controls is quite good as well (but I think they use permissions too). Give ‘em a shot.


    1. Well, I for one quite like this app and the permissions don’t bother me in the slightest.

      I’ve tried fancy widgets and I’ve checked out beautiful widgets. They both seem good but I took the plunge and bought HD Widgets. I love it. I showed it to my girlfriend and she wanted it for her phone so I bought her it too!

      I totally agree with Radley there, you can’t go sacrificing features for the paranoid few. The development guys have explained what each permission is used for and most don’t even do that. I did wonder how my name got into the custom switches and now I know. It’s really not a big deal.

      Keep up the great work and I look forward to expansive updates :-)

  10. I can see the list of permissions when I try and install the app. Your attempt to “explain” these permissions leaves a lot to be desired. If/when you reduce the amount of permissions to just needing internet access, I’ll happily give you all some cash. It doesn’t need all the bells and whistles in it to look great and be functional. For instance, how about asking the user for their name ( shocking I know ) then you don’t need a bunch of permissions. User wants to do bluetooth administration? Link them to the settings page for that, get rid of more permissions. Be creative.

  11. I don’t think android system lets them toggle permissions.

    They could release a base version with lower permissions, and a different one with more.

    I just saw the contacts update (I’m glad it asks before update), and will not be updating it. Maybe someone is looking for added rename features, but unnecessary for me.

  12. I’d rather not have my name personalized on the switches if it means all those permissions are needed… This makes me not want to upgrade or install this program on my nexus 7 when it arrives.

    1. Agreed, I uninstalled rather than upgrade once this permission was added.

  13. The permissions used for HD Widgets’ switches should be disabled by default, and only be enabled if the widget selected requires it.

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