Why do my widgets look so…?

4 thoughts on “Why do my widgets look so…?

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  2. Understood, Radley. Thanks.

    Will check with you regularly, with an occassional nudge. FWIW, v2.52 still works just fine with an alpha JB on an HD2. ;-)

  3. Hi Radley — your explanation certainly makes sense from a developer’s standpoint. I will not take you to task on that. ;-)

    I use, as you might recall, your 1×1 icons for the switch toggles.

    I would like to see the resultant widgets displayed exactly as they are depicted when first choosing them.

    When choosing a switch toggle, you show its icon sans text. Once chosen, surprise! Automatically, text is included on the home screen, as part of the icon, horizontally splitting it in half so that the text can be displayed.

    All (?) icons/widgets include text labels, but if turned off in settings, or backgrounds are turned off in settings, that is how they are displayed — without text and backgrounds. These settings are being ignored, by including them in the graphic itself. If that is how the toggles will be displayed, that is how they should be shown when the user is choosing his/her icons. A solution might be to offer the chosen icon with and without text, if dealing with system/launcher settings is not your preference.

    Being a fan of HD Widgets, I visit the market each day to see whether this request has been incorporated into an update, since I am told daily that there is an update. The constant update notification occurs since I have updates for HD Widgets disabled, and am using v2.5.2 in the meantime. The icon’s text in this version is livable, while v3.x is not yet close (for me)… :-)

    1. radley Reply

      Optional text on switches is planned, but it’s not going to happen right away. It will probably get done along with necessary config changes for the new themes.

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